jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2020

You and Your Name


In this day and age, when it seems so easy to change everything one does not like about oneself, here is a good piece of advice about acting with sense.

The speaker is Uzo ( Uzoamaka Nwanneka) Aduba, a Nigerian-American actress.

domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2020

R.B.G, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth B. Ginsburg was the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court of the USA, and she is considered a feminist icon. She died a couple of days ago and her death is a big loss for justice, for women, for politics...

Watch the video below to learn a little bit about her ideas, and then follow her advice, you will become a better person....

If you want to learn a little bit more about RBG, watch the documentary about her life in Netflix.

I also recommend All Miami IG account and her story about RBG.

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2020

Food For Thought: Flow and Happiness

A few reflections on happiness. 

Watch the video below and, afterwards, try to explain to yourself, in your words, what "flow" is, according to Hungarian-American positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

If you would rather listen to him explain his theory, watch the video below. It is a TED Talk so you can actually choose the language for the subtitles. Here is a brief summary of the ideas explained in the video:

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asks, "What makes a life worth living?" Noting that money cannot make us happy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of "flow."

domingo, 30 de agosto de 2020

Delaware, USA

There is a blog that I follow - and I thoroughly recommend - alomiami, where Belén Montalvo, an expatriate from Spain living in Miami, explains different things related to `the American way of life´; Belén also keeps an IG account and a Twitter account,  where she deals mainly with topics related to the USA; sometimes she goes deeper into some topics in her podcasts, which you may listen to in her YouTube channel, Aló Miami. When she uses social media, she does it in Spanish but her husband, Yankimarido, publishes his videos in English.

Here is one of his videos, about the state of Delaware, in USA. It has got subtitles in Spanish. Watch it and focus on his pronunciation. If you find  its content interesting and enjoyable, you may want to listen to his other videos - find them in his Twitter account.

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2020

`Do Your Thing´, Song By Moondog

Lous Thomas Harding Jr. was known as Moondog and  `blind Viking´ when he was a homeless in NY. 

In this song, `Do Your Thing´, he gives some useful advice. Listen, take note and sing along.

Clock here to get learn more about this composer.

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2020

"You Can't Stop Us", Ad

Nike´s latest ad, "You Can't Stop Us", became viral as soon as it was released last week. It encourages inclusiveness, perseverance, equality and social justice while showing images of disabled and able-bodied athletes, both male and female, in different sports.

Enjoy the video and reflect on its message.

jueves, 30 de julio de 2020


This is the video of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez´s admirable response to a Republican congressman who insulted her outside the Capitol last week. It is a speech worth listening to, not only because of the way she expresses her thoughts but by her poise on doing so. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is often referred to by her initials AOC.

sábado, 11 de julio de 2020

Jeff Bezos and Amazon

A very good video to learn about the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos; you will learn about his life, his personality, the enterprises he is part of... It is a good video to practice your pronunciation as well: watch it first and then watch it again and read it along paying attention to the pronunciation of proper names and to the pauses - for a better intonation.

jueves, 2 de julio de 2020

Frequent Mistakes in English

`English with Nab´ is both a YouTube Channel and an IG account; give a try to one or both of them and subscribe and follow him if you like his lessons

domingo, 14 de junio de 2020

Understanding Teenagers

Adults usually consider teenagers make outrageous and risky choices. Do you agree? When you read the word "risk", did you think of it as something positive or negative?

Kashfia Rahman, of Bangladeshi origins, winner of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and a Harvard student,  designed and conducted an experiment to test how high school students respond to and get used to risk, and how it changes their still-developing brains. 

Choose the subtitles in the language you need, English or Spanish.

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