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Politically Correct (PC) Language

Political Correctness tries to make social and political changes to make up for historical injustices.

Politically correct language involves changing or avoiding language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to race, class, gender and sexual orientation.

Some examples of politically correct language: The following list highlights words and phrases that may seem offensive to some though their substitute expressions may seem like going too far for others:

  • "Guys" (when referring to a mixed group)// Friends; folks; group
  • Oriental (when referring to people)// Asian (using the specific nationality, i.e. Korean is even better, when possible)
  • Acting like wild Indians// Out of control
  • Policemen/postman //Police officer/mail carrier
  • Manhole// Utility hole
  • Chairman// Chair
  • Handicapped //People with special needs
  • People who are physically/mentally challenged // people with disabilities
  • Retarded //Developmentally challenged
  • Gifted children // Advanced learners
  • Race// Ethnicity or nationality (There is only one race--human)
  • Uneducated (when referring to adults) // Lacking a formal education
  • No culture (when referring to parts of the U.S. where the opera and the theater are scarce or nonexistent) // Lacking European culture
  • Old people// Seniors; "Chronologically Advantaged"
  • "White" lie //Lie (Calling it white does not make it okay)
  • Half-breed //Multi-ethnic
  • Blacklisted // Banned

When talking about jobs, the names go a little bit too far as well, judge for yourselves:

* Beverage Dissemination Officer - Barman
* Colour Distribution Technician - Painter & Decorator
* Customer Experience Enhancement Consultant - Shop Assistant
* Domestic Technician - Housewife
* Education Centre Nourishment Consultant - Dinner Lady
* Highway Environmental Hygienist - Road Sweeper
* Field Nourishment Consultant - Waitress
* Five a Day Collection Operative - Fruit Picker
* Front Line Customer Support Facilitator - Call Centre Worker
* Gastronomical Hygiene Technician - Dish Washer
* Mass Production Engineer - Factory Worker
* Media Distribution Officer - Paper Boy
* Mobile Sustenance Facilitator - Burger Van Worker
* Mortar Logistics Engineer - Labourer
* Petroleum Transfer Engineer - Petrol Station Assistant
* Recycling Operative - Bin Man
* Sanitation Consultant - Toilet Cleaner
* Transparency Enhancement Facilitators - Window Cleaner

By the way, the list above is copied from a very interesting blog, which I highly recommend: click here to have a look
You can read more about politically correct language in the following pages:

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