viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

May 17th 2009: A Day of Celebrations

Here´s a list of some of the celebrations that will take place next Sunday, May 17th:

* "Día das Letras Galegas", dedicated to Ramón Piñeiro López this year. Click here for information about this

* Internet Day / The World International Telecommunications and Information Society Day: it is a date which seeks to show the potential of new technology to improve the living standards of nations and their people. This year, 2009, the theme is:"Protecting children in cyberspace". Click here and here for more information about it.

* National Day of Norway. Click here to know more about this beautiful country

* The International Day Against Homophobia (or IDAHO, as it is sometimes known). As you all know, "homophobia" is a negativa attitude or feeling towards gays and lesbians or towards homosexuality in general. This annual day to mark the fight to make society inclusive of all sexualities was founded in Montreal in 2003 by the human rights group Fondation Émergence, that´s why the following site is Canadian: click here

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