lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Have a nice summer!

So tomorrow is the last day of this school year; the teachers still have some work to do but the students will start their holidays tomorrow. We are all really tired by now so there´s a mixture of feelings: you long for some free time, you want to rest, but breaking up is hard to do .

I want to share with you a video which summarizes so many things of a whole year´s work. PS22 is an elementary-school choir from Staten Island and Gregg Breinberg ("Mr. B") is the musical director.I´ve chosen this song,Keane´s "Everybody´s Changing", not because it´s special in itself(it´s a nice song, though, which provoques a soothing effect) but because of the video: watch these kids as they sing: sitting down in their places, concentrated on the song, obviously enjoying themselves as they sing... and the teacher: happy and enthusiastic to do his job, managing the group, exultant at the end...We,teachers, know what´s behind the three minutes the song lasts: the hard work, the time... and yet it is so rewarding!

To me, this video, on such a day as today, represents a teacher´s job well done and isn´t that what we all want?

Just in case it´s difficult for you to understand the lyrics of the song, here they are:

Everybodys Changing

You can enjoy the video now!

Just a brief message now: I am afraid I won´t be able to stop myself from writing here from time to time; maybe not so often as I used to but just enough to keep in contact until the next school year.

Have a nice time! Enjoy yourselves! Learn something in the summer!

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