miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Kodachrome, R.I.P.

After nearly 75 years of making the colour film used by many famous photographers as well as many of us, ordinary people, Kodak announced that it's ending Kodachrome's production.
Daniel Bayer created the "Kodachrome Project” online to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the film next year, in 2010. But things are changing so rapidly that Kodachrome won´t make it till then. First it was Polaroid, now it´s Kodachrome, doesn´t it make you think of Bob Dylan´s "The Times, They are a-changing"?
But the biggest tribute to Kodachrome was Paul Simon´s song, "Kodachrome", a lively song - though I must admit, being a teacher, the first verses hurt. I wonder how many of my former students would agree...

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