jueves, 18 de junio de 2009


Here´s a new word for many of you to accomplish one of the aims of this blog: to teach you new words in English.
"Procrastination" means putting off (=delaying) an action to a later time. That is to say, it´s what many people (let´s not focus on young people or teenagers...) do to postpone doing something they should really be doing. For instance, you have to do your homework for English since it´s due tomorrow and you haven´t even started yet, you sit at the table and realize you haven´t talked to your friend today, so you phone her...hang up after a while with the excuse of your homework, sit at the table again and feel thirsty, go to the kitchen, drink a glass of water and notice there´s something in the oven. It´s a chocolate cake! You love chocolate, yum yum!!!You take a bite, then another, then get a plate, prepare some hot chocolate, go to the sitting room, turn on the TV to watch it while you eat the cake...and stay there for some time till you feel remorseful. You know you have to go back to your homework but you remember a T-shirt you want to wear to school tomorrow, you go and see if it is washed and ironed...and we could go on and on with excuses. Does this remind you of something or someone?. This video may make it clearer

Why am I writing about procrastination today? Because it´s so easy to find excuses to go out and enjoy oneself in this beautiful summer weather knowing we should be preparing our exams, or correcting them, or checking the assessment sheets... Aren´t we all procrastinators some time or other? If only we could skip the sense of guilt!

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