martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Tips for your Finals

Final exams will start any minute now and some of you will be taking your university entrance exam in a couple of weeks so everybody seems to be getting nervous and, on top of that, the weather has been really hot and sunny for some days now, which makes it really difficult to concentrate on studies. But, anyway, you´ll have to revise for your exams, maybe cram a little as well so here are some tips to be successful:

* prepare the exams well in advance, don´t study all night before the final exam
* revise somewhere where you can relax (but not too much, and certainly not lying on the sofa!)
* some people revise with light music but don´t play it too loud
* keep your desk tidy
* have a rest from time to time - but not too long
* use your books, notebooks, revision guides and your teacher (you know what I mean!)
* stick a timetable somewhere where you can see it and look at it from time to time

When the day of the exam comes, don´t forget to take an extra pen -just in case- and a watch. Read the questions carefully first and underline the main words of the question to keep focused.

In this video you can see what may happen if you do not follow my advice:

As a teacher, I must warn you against cheating in exams. You may get into real trouble. Your parents must have told about this and I´m sure some parents have even stopped you from doing it; here´s one example:

But I do know some students manage to cheat sometimes, either on their own or together with their classmates, even in Finland! (the country we all look up to since its students do so well at the PISA exams):

Anyway, if you keep thinking about cheating, I´m afraid something like this won´t work at our secondary school(I´m not "big brother" but I do know each and everyone of you). Don´t you dare try it!:

Good luck in your exams!

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