viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

World Environment Day: June 5th 2009

Today we celebrate the World Environment Day.

Here´s the trailer of "Home", a movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He and his team travelled around the planet over 18 months to make this film, shooting from the air, with the purpose of making us conscious that the earth is in danger, i.e., WE are in danger.This trailer is interesting because it explains how the film was shot. Besides, they speak in French and the subtitles are in English - a good chance to practise languages! Something else I liked about this trailer is that it shows how important team work is and how rewarding it is when everybody believes in what she/he is doing .

If you like the trailer, you can watch the film in the internet. You´ll see that most of the images are astonishing and the quality of the film is amazing. I wouldn´t recommend it, though, if you are prone to depression because the ultimate message is certainly hard to swallow: we are doing so many things which are wrong and, at the same time, so hard to change. Anyway, let´s be optimistic and trust the motto "Yes, we can. We want change."

It´s a non-profit film, that´s why you can watch it in "You Tube"-only during ten days, though. The following link is for the version in English, with the voice of Glenn Close:

And if you want more information about the topic, click here

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