domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Books for the Summer

Apart from all the things you can think of doing on your summer holidays, here is a suggestion: audiobooks in English.

These are some webpages where you can find audiobooks in English for free:

- Audiobooks for free
The books are classified (fiction, non-fiction, children´s...); they specify the number of files and their quality (bearable, tolerable, reasonable, good or very good)

- Free Classic Audiobooks
The downloads are available in ipod format

- Audiobooks recorded by volunteers
English is only one of the languages of the recordings; volunteers record chapters of books and Libri Vox publishes the audio files in the internet. You can even volunteer to record a chapter! Read how.

- Sound is Touch at a Distance:
This is the motto at the beginning of this webpage. A group of actors and technicians from the USA have recorded the books listed here; being actors their ability to convey feelings through language should be taken for granted

- Open Culture
"The best free cultural and educational media on the web": that is how they advertise themselves and you can certainly spend hours on end having a look at everything you can find there. As for audiobooks: fiction & literature, non-fiction, poetry...

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