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Michael Jackson

Do you find any similarities between this statue and Michael Jackson? It´s funny to see what a broken nose can do!I found the photograph in a very interesting blog, with posts about lots of peculiar things

It´s hard to stay away from Michael Jackson´s death. I don´t want to sound sentimental but, being the same age, I´ve followed his musical career from the beginning; I first heard from him when I was very young, probably with his first hit in Spain with The Jackson 5

He´s been in the news ever since he passed away: what with his death, his doctor´s opinions, his will, his children, his mother and father...we´ve heard about him every single day since then. So I guess I just had to write something about him, too.

To remember him, I´ve chosen a video of "Black or White" because the title, at least, is quite representative of one of the problems we assume he had: whether to consider himself black or white. Whatever he was, he just looked quirky, freaky, maybe that´s why I couldn´t keep my eyes away from him when I got a glimpse of him on TV- and I know I´m not the only one!

Here are both the lyrics and the video. By the way,watch the video until the end, the final images are really nice, the effect of the changing faces is called morphing, which consists basically of combining two faces to create a new one.


As for dancing, Michael Jackson was worldwide famous for his moonwalk, which was really a dance known as "backslide". With the following video you can learn how to dance it. Watch it and then you can try and imitate him- try hard because it is not easy!

If you want to read a little bit more about Michael Jackson´s life and career there´s an article I like from "The Australian", an online newspaper, click here, if you feel like reading it.

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  1. Hi, Rosa: great post. I have just linked it to a post where some students of mine wrote about M.J.

  2. Thanks, Nelba! (by the way, I hadn´t heard the name before). I am glad you liked it.


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