jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Mika´s Grace Kelly

Mika, the British pop star, has just released his second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much and he visited Spain last week to promote it and present his European Tour in 2010, but I feel I will always associate him with his falsetto voice in his song, "Grace Kelly", a catchy song with the name of someone who won´t probably mean anything to you but middle-aged people will surely know who we are talking about: an Academy Award-winning American actress and Princess of Monaco.

Being a teacher, there are two things in his biography that attract my attention: his dyslexia and the fact that he suffered severed bullying at school, so much so that he was home-schooled by his mother for some time. Only naturally, he was terrified of talking to people and look at him now: he seems to have overcome these experiences and turned into a quite eccentric but happy singer who enjoys himself not only composing and singing his songs but doing the illustrations for his albums and posters with the help of one of his sisters (Click here to watch the video, "Behind the Artwork", where he explains how they do it)

And now enjoy the song while you watch any of the videos: Mika´s or the animated one

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