viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

English and Cakes

One of the groups I teach -1st. Bachillerato- were so happy with the marks they got in their last exam that they suggested a celebration with cakes (I´ve told them a couple of times I have a sweet tooth and enjoy both baking and eating cakes).
Sure they were thinking of the teacher as the cook but I have a better idea (teachers always do!), here are some recipes for them and let´s see if they surprise me next week.
This video shows how to make an American Cheesecake (yum, yum!); the language they use is easy to understand and the subtitles are a great help but keep a dictionary handy, just in case. This recipe is for Iago:

And for the rest of the group:

What about a Cake with three types of milk? You can find this and many other recipes in a blog I follow called The Pioneer Woman.

Let´s not forget chocolate, what about a brownie? Brownies are easy to make but you must pay attention to the time they need to bake in the oven, don´t overcook them or they will be too hard. If you don´t fancy this recipe, you will find plenty of them with chocolate or cocoa as the main ingredient in this webpage: cacaoweb

Well, Miguel, how are you going to celebrate your high mark?
And I know what you´re going to ask next (students are so predictable!): I´m sorry but... no extra points if you bring the cake to school!!!

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  1. Parabéns por este blogue, Rosa.
    Hai entradas que estarían moi ben no noso blogue da Biblio e poderíamos enlazalas; por iso, cando teñas tempo, se queres podes acrecentar aos teus post un vínculo (en definicións). Moitas grazas.


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