lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Fraternities and Sororities

There is this listening activitity in the course book about Fraternities and Sororities and that´s a whole new world for most of my students; of course, they´ve seen them, heard about them in lots of films but they didn´t really pay attention to what they were watching so I gave a brief explanation in class but I thought we should go into this topic in depth (sort of...) During the lesson I explained the Latin origins of the words: frater (= brother) and soror (=sister)(We could shed some tears here about the good old days when Latin was a compulsory subject at school.........)
In fact, I have found quite a lot of written material on this topic; the list of good films about it is quite short though, but bearing in mind my taste for music (have a look at this post in this blog) and my admiration for the way these guys move, here´s my suggestion: Stomp the Yard; if you click onto the title and watch the video called "A Sweet Deal" you may understand how important fraternities are for some people.
By the way, there are a few things you should know something about in order to understand the story better: the basics about how a society like this works (i.e.: the houses, the "rush" or visiting the houses to meet the members), what stepping is (mainly for African-Americans), the Greek alphabet and the origins of its use for this purpose, pledging a fraternity (that is, the ritual of asking to become a member)... what else?

If you feel too lazy to click on the link above, you may just as well watch this trailer:

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