domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women(November 25th)

I usually "celebrate" (isn´t this an ironic word to use when talking about violence?) this day in my classes with a song to make my students reflect on this subject from different points of view.
In 1º Bachillerato we analiysed and listened to The Police´s Every Breath You Take. This song was written as a love song but love can get too far sometimes and the lyrics of this song are a good example. Listening to the message of this song makes my hair stand on end: can you imagine a kind of love as oppressive as the one depicted here?. If you click here , you´ll see a list of things that define what love is and what it isn´t and the feelings described in this song, surely go into the second list. Funnily enough, the song is so catchy I often find myself singing it along, just like my students in class as soon as they recognised the song.

In 2º Bachillerato we listened to Suzanne Vega´s Luka. I have always thought that the celebration this day should include children and this song is an example of violence against them.
Some time ago I read an interview with Suzanne Vega where she explained the origin of this song: Luka was a boy who used to play with his friends in front of her building; he was not an abused child, he just looked different from the other boys. Anyway, this song tells the story of an abused person in a subtle but very realistic way; it makes you shiver just to think about it, be it a boy or a woman. Click here if you want to watch the video with subtitles in English-I´m not allowed to embed it- or watch the video with no subtitles or the one with the lyrics. Suit yourself !

If you want to go deeper into this subject of violence agains women, click here and you´ll get links to a wide range of webpages that deal with the topic from very different angles.
Or have a look at the blog of our school library, I.E.S. "Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes", there are some very interesting posts there about this day.

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