miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

Turtles Can Fly

One of the things I like about teaching English is the fact that any subject may come up during the class, and that´s OK: it´s language practice.

This is what happened today:

We were working on a University Entrance Exam with a text about animals used for different purposes; the text mentioned how rats are trained to search for landmines: they smell them, run towards the place and scratch the ground. This video shows how they do that and how they are trained:

And then I remembered one of the hardest films I´ve ever seen where children are the ones who search for mines; one of my students, Margarita, had also seen it but neither of us could remember the title...Some of the students in the class were shocked to hear that children did actually do this kind of jobs...

Turtles Can Fly was the first film to be made in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein and it was directed by a Kurdish Iranian filmmaker.

This is quite a long part of the film but if you watch from minute 2:44 till minute 6, I´m sure you´ll feel quite happy with your life as it is...

If you want to watch the whole film, watch this trailer first, but, remember, it is one of the toughest stories you´ll probably see - and I wouldn´t recommend it for people under 16:

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  1. Jacobo 2ºB30 enero, 2011

    I can´t see the video but I look for the film on the Internet and I saw the trailer... I don´t know how to call it because it´s a drama but, at the same time, it´s a film for the hope. I will try to see it whenever I can because it seems to be a so good film. It´s incredible the things that people can do when we work together.

    Thank you for the post


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