sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2009

Christmas Holidays

In a couple of days we´ll be on holidays; for some people, Christmas means merely holidays, for others, a lot more; whatever it is for you, have a nice time!!.

Would you like to know how people celebrate Chrismas in different places in the world? click here What about writing to Santa Claus? Click here
But if you feel like spending some time soaking yourself in the Xmas spirit, this is the place:

In Spain, where the Catholic religion is still very strong, many people associate Chrismas with nativity scenes, and in the film Monty Python´s Life of Brian there´s a very funny scene at the beginning of the film in which the Three Wise Men want to pay homage to the new-born baby but they have a bad sense of direction...This is the scene from the film -if you find it hard to understand, read the script first.

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