martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

A Message to My Female Students

I imagine you´ll agree with me when I say life is harder for women than for men -generally speaking- but I found this video where a narrator -a girl- explains how extraordinary women were, in fact, once ordinary women, just like you now and I think it´s such an optimistic video that I wanted to share it with you.
The narrator is from South Africa so it may not be too easy for you to understand her words completely but I´m sure you´ll get the message: What you think is what you become... and what you can become is anyone.

These are some of the women she mentions: Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks (beautifully described as the woman who stood up by sitting down; you´ll understand what this means when you read about her in the former link).
And these are some of the women whose photographs you´ll see: the Nobel Peace Prize Rigoberta Menchú (a moving video in this link) and the writer Virginia Woolf
By the way, do you understand the title of the video, Women don´t know their place anymore? Traditionally, the house and the kitchen were the woman´s places; luckily, nowadays any place can be a woman´s place, or isn´t it so?

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