domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Movies, TV and English

There are many reasons I can think of why people in Spain don´t speak English well after years and years of having English Language as a school subject but I am going to focus on one. It´s not easy to learn a language when you don´t hear it around, when the English classroom is the only place for you to hear, listen and speak.
In Galicia, students have three periods of class a week (that´s usually 150 minutes all together, what with going into the classroom, taking out the stuff for the classes, getting everything and everybody ready... can easily come down to 120 minutes) and that´s all... If they like music in English, they may get some audio practice there, but whatever TV programmes they watch, they will be dubbed most of the times. Sometimes we do get some films in original version but the subtitles will be in Spanish (read this post about this and let me know what you think about it : Watch films in English with subtitles in English), mainly in TV channels you pay for.
To make up for this, here´s a list of webpages where you can watch movies, TV series, news, sports... in English... enjoy yourself this long and rainy weekend... and go on surfing these webs at Christmas. I do hope you´ll find something you like: You can watch TV shows, episodes of The Simpsons, Friends, Flashforward, House...Saturday Night Live; trailers, full movies, documentaries. episodes of your favourite shows (Lost, Grey´s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives...); you can subscribe to them. : the information about the series specifies the language and whether it has subtitles or not. information about recently released movies, about release dates, movie screenings...

Does anyone know any webpages where you can watch the series or films in original version and dubbed in their language as well? I´d be grateful for this piece of information.

The networks have their own websites where they put up recent episodes of most of their shows: : ABC: morning, daytime and evening shows, movies, specials... : CBS: shows, videos and a long list of sites to browse NBC: watch the clip of the day, episodes of Saturday Night Live, entertainment, news CNN: videos classified according to the following categories: world (U.S., Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East), business, world sport, technology, entertainment, travel, environment...

You may as well watch short films in You Tube, for example, but, in this case, the subtitles -whatever the language- may not be accurate or correct; there are often grammar, vocabulary or spelling mistakes. Anyway, they are of great help, especially when you don´t understand the audio very well

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