viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

10th January: Anniversary of the London Underground

The London Underground (also known as "the Tube") is the oldest metro system in the world. It began operating on 10 January 1863.There are currently 275 stations on 12 lines, and 253 miles of route, mainly double tracked, of which 20 miles are in shallow tunnels and 93 miles in deep tunnels. To travel between the surface and the underground stations there are 408 escalators and 112 lifts. Here´s The London Underground Map

If you like blogs, you may want to have a look at the London Underground Tube Blog; the writer describes it as fun, irreverent and informative and there´s certainly a little bit of all of that. There you can read about how some people are going to celebrate the anniversary on January 10th: travelling around the London underground without trousers...This is no joke, read about it...(and it´s snowing in England right now!)
But if you prefer to read real information about the underground (or the "subway", in American English), click here, and later on you can try and do The London Underground Quiz

And this is the most popular image of the underground stations in London: the sign "Mind the Gap," a warning to train passengers of the gap (=space) between the train door and the station platform. Some platforms on the Underground curve but the cars are straight so the distance from the platform to the car is greater at certain points and "mind the gap" is painted in capital letters along the edge of such platforms. A recorded announcement is played when a train arrives and "mind the gap" is repeated several times.

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