miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

The Importance of Speaking English

I just had to post this video for several reasons!
On the one hand, many of my students study German as well as English so it may be interesting for them because they will probably understand the German part better than the English one. On the other hand, we, Spanish people, are both criticised for and feel ashamed of the way we speak English: we are usually quite good at reading and writing, very good at grammar (there´s a long history of teaching English merely through grammar in Spain - but that´s changing, mind you ... ) but - so far - pathetic at speaking (have a look at this post in this blog). And, lo and behold, Günther Oettinger, a German politician working for the European Commission, gives this speech on English as the most important language of communication in Europe and the importance of speaking and understanding English. Most of my students are much better than him! Goodbye to the inferiority complex! Judge by yourselves!

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  1. hi Rosa, I'm Marta from Rockford, Do you remember me? I love your blog and I hope to do something like this with my students (in Spanish obviously).... some day...


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