jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

Jamiroquai´s "Virtual Insanity"

The introduction to the unit we are currently doing in 1st Bachillerato has the lyrics to this song, Virtual Insanity by the British acid-jazz group Jamiroquay (click on the name to listen to its pronunciation), and I thought you might like to learn a little bit more about the group or watch the video of the song. Click here or here to have a look at their official website, if you are interested.
I am including the lyrics in this post as well because I myself for one find it very hard to understand the singer...
I did not like the song that much when I first listened to it, but after playing it in some of my classes, I must admit I´ve come to like it; in fact, what I like most about this band is their name: Jamiroquai; any ideas about where they got their name from? The lead singer, J K (Jason Kay), seems to have a fascination with Indian tribes like the Iroquois and he wanted his group to jam (= when musicians gather and play without too much preparation but with improvisation we say they jam or have a jam session) hence the name Jamiroquai (He changed the spelling of the word Iroquois -click on the word to listen to its pronunciation)

Jamiroquai´s Virtual Insanity, live:

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