sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

New Year´s Resolutions

Many people set goals at the beginning of each year, New Year´s resolutions, which most of them will break -some probably by the end of January!. The most popular goals are: stop smoking, lose weight, break bad habits, get organised, recycle more, learn English ...

In the following video, some kids imitate adults talking about what they are gonna (=going to) do next year; some of the resolutions they mention could also apply to teenagers, to you: spend more time with your parents, stop gossiping, control your anger, find a special girl/boy, call your parents more, get rid of your potbelly, care more about the environment, be a better handyman, complete a marathon, quit smoking, have a date... What´s your resolution?

Being a Beatles´fan, I like this parody of their song "Revolution" which adapts the lyrics to New Year´s resolutions

And here´s the video of the song sung by The Beatles; the subtitles are in Spanish so here´s an exercise that you could try to improve your English: listen to the song and read the translation, pause the video and write down the English version. Once you´ve finished, check with the lyrics below

And this is what I wish for you in the new year:

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