domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

Snowy Lugo

We have had snow in Lugo for a couple of days now and the city looks completely different. We do not get snow that often here and certainly not for two days on a row and I wanted to write something about it to mark the difference. And then I found this poem, "Remembering Snow" by the poet Brian Patten; he posts a poem for each month in his webpage and this is the one he posted for December. It is a poem he wrote remembering back to his childhood, and seeing a thick fall of snow for the first time. He thought it was so beautiful and that´s exactly what most of us thought when we saw Lugo covered in snow. Enjoy the poem !


I did not sleep last night.
The falling snow was beautiful and white.
I dressed, sneaked down the stairs
And opened wide the door.
I had not seen such snow before.
Our grubby little street had gone.
The world was brand-new, and everywhere
There was a pureness in the air.
I felt such peace.
Watching every flake
I felt more and more awake.
I thought I had learned all there was to know
About the trillion million different kinds
Of swirling frosty flakes of snow.
That was not so.
I did not know how vividly it lit
The world with such a peaceful glow.
Upstairs my mother slept.
I could not drag myself away from that sight
To call her down and have her share
The mute miracle of the snow.
It seemed to fall for me alone.
How beautiful our grubby little street had grown!

In the blog Listen to English-Learn English you can listen to the audio version of this poem: Remembering Snow

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  1. Qué bonitas fotos Rosa, aquí en Suecia la nieve también es abundante. Más nieve y más frío que normalmente.


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