viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

Crazy English

"Crazy English" is a method to learn English which puts emphasis on oral English; it was created by a Chinese man, Li Yang, who would stand on top of the office building where he worked and shout English.
In his method, students repeat what the teacher says, be it phrases or sentences, shouting aloud; to a western eye and ear, it has a karaoke way about it but, in fact, it follows the traditional pedagogic practices of Chinese education relying on repetition and recitation. There is always a very big group of students so they overcome their shyness easily: everybody does it, so nobody is embarrassed. Funnily enough, members of the school administration in China often disapprove of the method because they believe it goes against the traditional Chinese values of modesty and restraint.
Li Yang´s method guarantees that you will be able to have a fluent conversation in English after eight days... (My God, what are we doing in our classes?????). The people in the video below have been learning English for just three days... so, not so crazy after all...

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