martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

In memory of Howard Zinn, an anti-war activist

This short post is about someone you may not have heard of, and, ironically, you learn about him now he has just passed away: he died last January 27 at the age of 87. Who was Howard Zinn? an American historian, a writer, an intellectual, a social activist and a Professor of Political Science, among other things. But the reason why I want to tell you about him is because he was an Air Force bombardier during the Second World War and this experience made him oppose war the rest of his life.
He wrote the text for the following video called A People´s History of American Empire. What the Classroom Didn´t Teach Me about the American Empire; I know the text is difficult but I think it´s worth a try and the images really help. By the way, the narrator is Viggo Mortensen (Captain Alatriste).

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