domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

"Mankind is No Island"

After such a dramatic series of natural disasters in the world lately (the earthquake in Haiti - with a couple of posts in this blog, both here and here; the one in Chile - the largest earthquake in the world since 1900; the floods in Spain ...) I remembered this moving video, Mankind is No Island, by Jason van Genderen, Tropfest NY 2008 winner.

Jason van Genderen filmed this movie entirely on a cell phone, a Nokia 95. It´s a very simple film but you may have to pause it from time to time to get the meaning of the sentences: the words are easy for you to understand, but putting them together to understand the message may take a while. Enjoy its creativity, its message and its music!

Tropfest is the world´s largest short film festival; in fact, it´s not just one festival but three: one in Australia (Tropfest began as a short film festival for friends and family at the Tropicana Café in Sydney, Australia in 1993), one in New York , and an outdoor festival for kids 15 years and younger.

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