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Prisoner 466/64 Out of Prison

On February 11th 2010, Mandela will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his release from prison - where he spent 27 years. He was imprisoned on Robben Island in 1964, and was the 466th prisoner to arrive that year. According to the prison administration's scheme, the prisoners were numbered following the sequence number of the prisoner (466 in his case), with the last two digits of the year (64), hence his prisoner´s number:46664. This number continues to be used as a reverential title for him, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation uses 46664.com as its website address.

Mandela's tribal name, Rolihlahla, means "one who brings trouble upon himself", quite ironical and descriptive of the difficult life he had when he reached adulthood. He is also called 'Madiba,' a nickname taken from his clan -he was the son of a Xhosa chief. If you haven´t seen Invictus yet, have a look at the trailer in this post and you´ll see how his people address him.

Why do I admire him? He´s a forgiving person; a true leader with compassion, love and respect for all; a model for humanity; someone with a magnetic personality and calm demeanour; a peacemaker who became the country´s first black president and was able to destroy apartheid peacefully in a country known by the beautiful name of "The Rainbow Nation" because of its diverse cultures but where the whites had brutally ruled over all others.
Would you like to hear other people´s opinions about him? Click here . And here you´ll find plenty of videos of different moments in his life.

And this is a photomontage I found somewhere I can´t remember...Same pose but such different personality and impact on others...

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