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Rapped News

Every Friday you can get a review of the week´s news rapped in The Week in Rap: you get the video with the images of the events they mention and below it you get the lyrics.

Try one of these exercises:
- listen to see how much you understand -paying attention to the images is a good strategy because they can help you get the idea of what is being mentioned. You can later read the lyrics to check what you got right.
- read the lyrics to the sound of the music and try to follow what they are saying -as a listening exercise.

Remember the grammar constructions used in rap are not what you are expected to use in exams...

These topics are mentioned in the rap from last Friday: V-Day (=Valentine´s Day),the Superbowl, Haiti, a group of missionaries accused of kidnapping children in Haiti, the miserable weather in the USA, the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, problems in Toyota cars, news about dinosaurs (scientists have decoded the full-body color patterns of a dinosaur)

Whattup? Happy V-Day / Flocab with the Week in Rap, peep what we say/
No need to replay – I don’t know what you’ve been told/
“Who dat say dem gonna beat the Saints in the Superbowl”/
Not the Colts but what a great game/
New Orleans got the first title they could ever claim/
And here’s another fact for your education/
A few of the players in the game, they were Hatian/
Apparently Haiti is a hotbed / For NFL talent but many now are not fed/
They’re dealing with destruction & they got debt/
And its up to all of us to help ‘em, how about that?/
Well, hold up this is scary / Did you hear about the American Missionaries?/
They were accused of kidnapping babies / Who claimed they were saving them/
Takin’ them out of Haiti/
Lately I’ve been thinking about the weather/
A blizzard hit the Northeast like, psssh whatever/
As if you ain’t know that it was gonna get cold/
As we head to Vancouver to get Olympic Gold/
No snow - & maybe no Lindsey Vonn/
She injured the same shin that she wins upon / So if Lindsey ain’t skiing/
They may as well give the gold to the Europeans / Or to the Japanese/
Now your boy wrote a / Little note bout all the cats at Toyota/
If y’all ain’t know they had a huge recall/
Cause it ain’t right if what you’re selling could be flawed/
But look what we saw / Something that was kinda raw/
The first full-bodied color sketches of a Dinosaur/
TheWeekInRap.com is where you can find us or/
You can wait to watch us next week, the same time it’s all…

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