martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Another Lesson for Life

This was the first post I wrote called "A Lesson for Life" and here´s the second.

Do you have some twenty minutes to spare? That´s what this film, The Butterfly Circus, lasts. Find yourself an excuse to watch it: it´s in English (and I am giving you two options: original version -just the audio- or the dubbed one with the subtitles in Spanish), it´s a short film which won an award in a festival (you may want to judge by yourself whether it was worth it), or simply because I recommend it...

In 2009, The Butterfly Circus won the first prize in the short film festival called The Doorpost Film Project. My colleague Carmen told me about this film when she saw it in a very interesting blog she follows and which I thoroughly recommend, called Inteligencia Emocional y Social.
You are welcome to watch all the other short films from the festival (the ones from the contest in 2010 have also been released)

And here is the film with the subtitles in Spanish; as you can see, it´s been divided into two parts:

Would you like to learn a little bit about the main characters? On the one hand, we have the handsome (I´m not being objective here, I know) man who runs the circus, an actor called Eduardo Verástegui. On the other hand, we have Nic Vujicic, an Australian man who was born without limbs; you can read all about him in any of his two blogs: Life Without Limbs and Attitude is Altitude

So, what´s the lesson you have learnt? What´s the moral of the story? Here are some suggestions:
Don´t give up
Find your inner courage
You can do anything if you believe in it
Any others?

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