viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Father´s Day, March 19th

I don´t like this idea of celebrating father´s day -or mother´s day, for that matter- from the point of view of consumerism, that is, buying presents, spending money just for the sake of it (sure you don´t think you have to actually buy something for someone to show that person you love him or her, do you?), but there are some very nice thoughts in this video and the message is so important, a parent as a mirror for his/her child, that´s why I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. It´s subtitled in English and I´m sure you´ll enjoy both the audio and the video.

And now a couple of funny cartoons to face the topic from a different perspective. The first one focuses on money and the feeling we parents sometimes have that teenagers see us as mere cash dispensers or ATMs (automated teller machine):

And this is a Voicethread where children from Leopold Primary School , in Australia, explain why they love their dads; click on the icons on the sides (faces, mainly) and you´ll hear each child´s explanation. Let´s see how many of their reasons you can understand.

And this one focuses on genes: try to see your father in a positive way because proverbs tend to refer to something in life that keeps repeating itself and there is one that says, like father, like son (click for an explanation)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is an interesting topic. I hope you enjoyed listening to my students explain why they love their dads.

    The activity prompted a very interesting discussion in my class about consumerism and what love means etc. The students were able to draw their own conclusions about whether love means buying lollies for someone or spending time and supporting someone. Thought provoking topics for seven year olds!

    Keep up your great work on your blog!

    Kathleen McGeady

  2. Kathleen, thanks for this comment and the one in your blog!


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