viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

March, the "windy month"

"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" says the most popular proverb about this month; if I let you know it refers to the weather, what conclusions do you take from it?

You probably know that this month was named after Mars, the god of war, but if there are any other facts (superstitions, traditions, festivals...) you would like to know about March, click here

Let´s use this cartoon about the changeable weather in March to learn some clothes vocabulary:

Tilley Hat: hats designed for hard use which will keep the sun and the rain off; they can be tied on in case of windy weather.

Ear flaps: warm covering for the ears; they are usually an extension on the lower edge of a cap that may be folded up or down.

Sunblock : lotion that blocks certain ultraviolet rays of the sun and reduces the danger of sunburn.

Goggles: Safety glasses that usually protect the area surrounding the eye; they are used in snow sports and in swimming.

Ray Bans: sunglasses -the name is that of its manufacturer.

Flip-flops: type of footwear originally associated with the beach or the swimming pool

For more men´s and women´s clothing, go to this page: Language Guide: if you click on the drawing of any of the garments, you´ll see its name and hear its pronunciation.

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