lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Dead Poets Society

Last week we watched the film Dead Poets Society in the classes of 1st Bachillerato. I still think it is a very good film for 15 to 17-year-old students because they can easily relate to the themes of the film: family, friends, plans for the future, love, non-conformity, thinking for oneself versus tradition, school - subjects, teachers, teaching methods... And I know it works because at the end of the film some of the students usually have to wipe away their tears and I often hand out one or two paper handkerchieves...

Though there is a lot of new vocabulary for my students in this film, they can follow the story quite well; anyway, I always give them a list of words or expressions that may come in useful while we are watching the film; some of them are in this word cloud.

Here´s a good exercise to check how many you can remember: try to include them in a sentence which is true about the story.

This film, directed by the Australian Peter Weir, won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1990. If you click on this link, you will get lots of links to other pages dealing with this film: photos and information about the cast, links to webpages related to the film, poems in the film; speeches and memorable scenes; questions about the film; extra scenes-not included; you can even leave comments about it., however, is a webpage which focuses on the underlying philosophy of Dead Poets Society: it also includes a summary and the poems in the film, but I would highlight its analysis of realism versus romanticism in the movie and the analysis of the characters.

Here´s a trailer of the film:

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