domingo, 11 de abril de 2010


Storyline Online is a website created by the Screen Actors Guild where professional actors, actresses and many other famous people read children´s books, so you get the audio, the video and the text at the same time. You can choose from nineteen different stories; Melissa Gilbert, Al Gore and Elijah Wood are some of the readers.

This is what the home page looks like. Choose one story from the list on the left and click on the cover of the book; you will then have to choose your internet connection speed; to the right of the video image you will find a small yellow box which says "Captions On/Off", those are the subtitles and I suggest that you should have them on while you listen to the story.Thus, listening to these videos will help you to improve your comprehension, verbal and written skills.
If you don´t know what story to choose, click on "A Bad Case of Stripes", which lasts twelve minutes; I liked it so let´s see if you like it, too.

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