martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Farewell to my 2nd BAC Students

Last week I said goodbye to my two groups of 2nd BAC students, Class dismissed! Of course, we will be meeting quite often in the next weeks since they don´t sit for their university entrance exams until the middle of June but that is more autonomous learning, not so much group work.

It´s not easy for me to say good bye to these teenagers at such an important moment in their life: the end of one period to start a much more exciting one, but songs help me to say good bye; you can have a look at my farewell message last year but this year I feel a little more motherly so here´s your song, Wild World: seeing our students off to university feels a little like letting them out into the world, and we adults know it´s a wild world sometimes, thus this song.

Let me highlight a message from the song "it´s a wild world; it´s hard to get by just upon a smile," but let me add, smiles help: be positive, always look on the bright side of life... I could go on and on giving you some advice but I do not want to mother you to death. Click here to watch and listen to the song (this version is subtitled both in English and in Spanish) sung by its composer, Yusuf Islam -singer songwriter better known to most people as Cat Stevens.

In the video below the song is sung by Mike Bailey and it´s Skins Season 1 finale song. Skins is a double BAFTA-winning teen drama that follows a group of teenagers in Bristol, South West England as they grow up.

To start you smiling, here´s a video about the five-minute-university: Father Guido Sarducci teaches what an average college graduate knows after five years from graduation in five minutes. I do hope you´ll learn a little bit more...

And here are -some of- my students. I wish all of them were in the photos but you know what happens at the end of the shool year: some of them oversleep, others miss the bus, others are ill or feel sick...


14 comentarios:

  1. it was a nice way to say goodbye, teacher :)
    I liked the song a lot
    and abou Skins... it's one of my favouritre TV programs! I used to watch it last summer, before the horrible torture of 2nd BAC started... hahahaha

  2. Thank you, Xarxa! I´m glad you liked it.

  3. thank you for all the good times teacher!
    i´m glad to know that exists good english teachers yet!

    and i don´t know how much to say but i will consider the language school in september

  4. Ricardo, I can´t believe the mistakes you made -don´t tell anyone the mark you got!!! I´m glad you´ve made up your mind to keep up with your English studies...
    But...thank you very much for your words!!

  5. Great song for the begining of this new stage in our life (if we pass selectividad :D)
    Thank you for everything!

  6. Lucía Reija27 mayo, 2010

    Thank you for this school year, we learnt a lot and lessons were very diverting.

  7. Anabel Yáñez27 mayo, 2010

    Thanks for your attention and for your work in the English classes.

  8. Thank you, Román! Good luck next year (if you feel homesick, drop me a line)!

  9. Thank you for your comments, Lucía! I´m glad you feel you learnt a lot and you enjoyed yourselves at the same time. That´s just what I wanted!

  10. Anabel, thank you for your words! I hope you are happy with your mark...

  11. Thank you very much Rosa!

    I will never forget your classes and what I had learnt!

  12. What a nice comment, Laura! Thank you very much!

  13. Lucía Álvarez28 mayo, 2010

    The song which you have choosen to say us goodbye is really great!
    Thank you for your lessons! We have learnt a lot of interesting things during this year

  14. Thank you very much, Lucía! I´m glad you liked the song because it took me some time to choose it especially for you.


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