sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Mother´s Day

Here´s to celebrate Mother’s Day (1st Sunday in May in Spain, 2nd Sunday in May in the US).
You can check my post last year ; in fact, some of the sentences you will read below are taken from there, they are quotations from any mother and all mothers. I´m sure you´re familiar with most of them.

Mothers love exclamations and they are pretty good at intonation. How often have you been told any of these?:

1. Don´t get smart with me!
2. You´re grounded!
3. Tell the truth, for heaven´s sake!
4. I´ve said it at least a thousand times before!
5. You´re too old to act this way!
6. Look at me when I´m talking!
7. Stop crying or I´ll give you something real to cry about!
8. Eat your breakfast! The experts tell us it´s the most important meal of all
9. Eat the food I put upon your plate! Don´t shovel! Chew slowly! Close your mouth when you chew!
10. Don´t make me come down there!(I love the Spanish version of this one, "Pero, ¿voy a tener que ir yo?")
11. No texting at the table!
12. No more computer time tonight!
13. You´ll appreciate my wisdom someday when you´re older!
14. Can´t wait till you have some children of your own!
15. When in doubt, DON’T!
16. Always say thank you and please.
17. Because I say so!
18. You can’t go out until your homework is done!

Sometimes questions are not really questions with mothers:

1. And if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?
2. Are you wearing THAT?
3. Did you wash behind your ears?
4. Put your stuff away! Do we have all day?

And sometimes they don´t ask, they question or interrogate:
1. Where are you going? With whom? What time do you think you´re coming home?

They can either be really direct when they address their children or, far from it, so ironical that they are quite often misunderstood

Everything above is true, sadly enough, what comes next is also true sometimes... (check the meaning of deem here)

But let´s finish the post with a smile; you needn´t buy a present for your mum, a photograph will do...

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  1. Hi Rosa. My name is Anna Morales and I am a teacher of English at EOI Terrassa. I'm very happy to award you with ‘Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’:)Congratulations!!
    You can see the list of the other recipients on my blog.

    My blog : http://blocs.xtec.cat/amorales

  2. Thank you so much, Anna! I feel so flattered to be awarded twice in a week!
    I´ll have a look at your blog right away.
    Thanks again!


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