lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

No Tobacco Day, May 31

I am a non-smoker seriously concerned about the dangers of smoking but conscious that smoking is a personal decision; that´s why I am not going to lecture you, I´m just going to state some facts and post some photographs to make you think -and learn some vocabulary.

The World Health Organization (WHO)celebrates No Tobacco Day on May 31 with a different focus each year; in 2010 the theme is "Gender and tobacco with an emphasis on marketing to women."

Many organizations have joined WHO for this celebration; for example, The Tobacco Free World initiative, which is giving away a free e-book, Toward a Tobacco Free World

In this post there are some photographs from different non-smoking campaigns which, I hope, will provoke one or two thoughts; they are meant to increase awareness about the bad effects of smoking. In the poster below you have a virtual definition of two informal meanings of the word "butt":an unburned end of a cigarette and the buttocks, the rear end. Check here the meaning of "gross"

Check the meaning of "tar" to fully understand this photo.

What do you think of the message in this photo: "Children of parents who smoke go to heaven earlier"?

What about this one: "Smoking Kills"? This advetisement, from the Cancer Patient Aid Association, was put on the ceilings of outdoor smoking areas.

Any comments? Have I gone too far?

Would you like to quit smoking? Click here for some advice on how to do it, in Spanish, or here if you´d rather read it in English.


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