lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

A song, "Summercat"

This is a nice listening, comprehension and writing exercise. Let me explain how to do it. First of all, listen to the song (you probably know it so just sit down and enjoy it); secondly, listen to the version in English with the subtitles in Spanish: pause the video as often as you need to write the lyrics in English; thirdly, listen to it from beginning to end checking your writing; fourthly, correct your written version in English checking the lyrics in the second video.

This song is sung by a Swedish indie band called Billie the Vision and the Dancers but it became popular last year thanks to a TV spot which makes you really long for the summer...

If you watch the video of the band singing this song, you´ll notice the singer looks funny: he is a singer-songwriter called Lars Lindquist, not Billie, who is wearing a skirt because a lot of his songs are about a fictious transvestite, Pablo Diablo, and he wants to show that it's Pablo who's singing the stories... Lars was the one who got the group together in 2004 to help record some songs he had initially intended as a solo project.

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