viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Happy Birthday, 18-year-olds! (1992-2010)

Some time ago I wrote about The Week in Rap, which tells the news of the week using rap rhythms. Here is the rap they prepared to congratulate students who turn 18 in 2010; it includes a major headline for each year in their life. This is also the rap they used to say goodbye until the fall (summer holidays are coming...)
The lyrics are below; click on the links to learn about the events.

1992Over 4 million American babies born,
The Brits send the first text message, what’s more,
Rodney King verdict, Bill Clinton is elected,
No more cold war, Yugoslavia’s dissected,
93European Union is created,
David Koresh and his cult do not make it,
94 – The year of Nelson Mandela,
And Genocide in Rwanda, I’ll tell you,
Republicans they came in, they followed a Newt,
And Forrest Gump ate a box of chocolates too,
95 – First female secretary of state,
OJ Simpson gets acquitted, he was out in L.A.
Pokémon debuts, but it is a pity,
When a bomb blows up in Oklahoma City,
Gaza and the West Bank, are you feeling them?
They’re not Israeli anymore, they’re Palestinian,
1996 – The Atlanta Olympics,
Mad cow disease spreads, it’s intense,
It doesn’t affect the Bulls or Michael Jordan,
RIP Tupac, he was important,
97Mother Teresa dies,
So does B.I.G. and Princess Di,
But Harry Potter is born, so is Dolly the sheep,
NASA puts a rover on Mars – it’s totally sweet,
98 – we balance the budget and save dimes,
Matthew Shepherd gets killed – it’s a hate crime,
99 – The whole nation cries,
When we hear of what happened at Columbine,
Bill Clinton lies about a lady, gets impeached,
We celebrate the millennium and hit the streets,
2000 – Gore wins, no Bush wins or…
In the end it’s decided by the Supreme Court
2001Napster takes a permanent nap,
iPods arrive and our genome is mapped,
I bet we all remember the hour,
When we heard that two planes had hit the towers,
September 11th caused almost 3,000 coffins,
US invaded Afghanistan hunting bin Laden,
02American Idol debuts, it’s awesome,
Especially for Kelly Clarkson,
Bush sees an Evil Axis, lowers taxes,
Enron fraud, Spiderman does back flips,
03 – The start of the Iraq war,
While the genocide claims lives in Darfur,
Columbia explodes, SARS is deadly,
Hispanics are now the biggest minority,
04 – Red Sox win, reverse the curse
Facebook is founded by a couple of nerds,
It’s the year the Tsunami hits the shore,
Kerry’s swift-boated, Bush wins four more,
05 –Pope dies, concerts for AIDS,
YouTube, Twilight, Guitar Hero amaze,
London subway bombing, hurricane Katrina,
Baseballers are doping and where is FEMA?
06Al Gore makes a movie, it’s true,
Iran gets uranium but is it for nukes?
Nintendo says “Wii,” Scientists find a fish,
Saddam gets hanged, Democrats in Congress,
07Virginia Tech and the troop surge,
iPhone drops, and the housing bubble bursts,
We see the first female speaker of the house,
Dixie Chicks win gold, Karl Rove steps down,
08 – the fighting heats up in Gaza,
There’s the first black president, Barack Obama,
Lehman Brothers FAIL, Phelps for the win,
8 gold medals, the boy can swim!
09stimulus, Avatar, prop 8,
Gay marriage, moon water, RIP MJ,
H1N1, and Sotomayor
We’re $10 trillion debt, and it’s gonna be more,
2010 – Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti,
Oil spills and ash clouds, it’s crazy,
Tea Party, iPad, 3D’s a nice fad,
New Brit government and health reform passed,
3.3 million high school graduates,
Think of yourself and tell me, are you proud of it?
Channel One, Flocab wishing you congrats,
This has been the last 18 years in rap.
Flocabulary wishing you congrats,
This has been 18 years…

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