jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Sheila´s Suggestion

Sheila is one of my students and last week she mentioned she had seen a video she thought I might like. I often tell my students they are always on my mind and I make it sound as a joke but it is, in fact, true because throughout the school year I am constantly thinking about how to help them learn as much as they can in the most -apparently- relaxing and entertaining way. But what takes me by surprise is knowing that they think of you when they are not at school, even if it is once in a blue moon.
And here´s the video. Sheila´s classmates promised they would write a comment about it: their interpretation of the story, what feelings it arouses... Let´s see how many of them do it.
Thank you, Sheila!

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  1. pablo gutierrez ferreiro19 junio, 2010

    I want to comment the video that Sheila posted, but I must admit that it can be a bit hard to make a goog commentary because it is the most strange video that I have never seen, but really,when you think about the message that it conveys, it become very interesting.

    This video describes us the friendship between a little man and an enomous cat. One day when they were playing football together, the cat blew a lot and the ball got in a cave where a little luminous creature lived. The man came in to get the ball, but when she saw the creature, he thought that the creature wanted to fight with them. He was wrong, the creature wanted to play, to be a friend.This escene wants to convey that when you met someone, you don´t have to distrut of their intentions.
    When the cat saw them playing, it became jealous, it tried to catch the ball and it broke it; also he kill the little creature.( The film wanted to show us that jealousy become good people in criminals). After that,the creature "revive" and it attacked the little man who died.The cat became very angry, so it wanted to revenge ( In this film appears the problem of the revenge).This video end when the the little old man revived because of the help of the cat. Now he had something like wings( the wings that the little creature had).
    This film hasn´t aroused on me special feelings,I have watched another films which are more emotional than this one. However I must admit that it is well worth seeing,it shows a lot of human feelings in a different way.

  2. Thank you for your long comment, Pablo!


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