jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

The World Cup: A Different Perspective

There seems to be no way of getting away from The World Cup these days; in fact, this is my third post about it!!! (Check the others here and here). But the point of view today is new and different; I want to tell you about a project called Girls Kick it Up at the World Cup: The Kick It Up! project has trained twenty girls from under-served areas in the South African community of Soweto and 10 girls in Los Angeles to produce video stories from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The non-profit organization Global Girl Media has given training in story development and composition as well as video editing, production, and distribution to high school-aged girls; they have also provided them with equipment which will help them to become digital journalists . Their reports will be shown in a wide variety of media, including ESPN, BBC, Univision, KPFK, Al Jazeera, GritTV, Soweto TV, self.com, internews.org, and Huffingtonpost.com.

The goals of the project are: first, to offer these girls the opportunity to make their voices heard in the male-dominated domains of media and sports; second, to give them practical training and equipment to kick off journalistic careers; and third, to challenge the dumbed-down stereotypes of the mass media, which insists that young girls care only about boys and mascara and are unaffected by and uninterested in issues of race, class, politics, and injustice.

Watch the video which introduces the project:

Here are some activities related to the World Cup 2010 (again a different perspective for most of them); take your pick:

* Music: we have all learnt a new word: vuvuzela; you can either listen to the vuvuzela rap or do a listening quiz about it or would you rather do a listening quiz based on the Waka, Waka ?

* any specific information about the World Cup are here: live videos of the stadiums, information about the top players, the noise levels, the number of saves, kickouts...

* what about a crossword about football?; would you rather do it online or print it?. Here´s the solution

* watch this ad; it´s longer than three minutes but, if you like football, I´m sure you´ll like it:

Culinary Confrontration: This is how some Switzerland's fans celebrated their team's victory over Spain; no hard feelings!

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