jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Obladi Oblada, The Beatles

Some of my students in "1ºBAC" have just discovered the song Obladi Oblada, thanks to the great music teachers in our school (this is their blog).

Would you like to read about the story of this song? Click here

We will sing it in class next week so here´s for you to practise: the chords (for those of you who play the guitar), the lyrics (the use of capital and small letters is a little bit peculiar in this scroller but I couldn´t find a better one. Sorry!) and a couple of videos. Why two videos? Well, I find the first one funny; as for the second one, if you click on the little red box with the letters "CC" (=closed captions), you´ll get the translation of the lyrics into Spanish.

For further information about The Beatles, click here.

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