martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

A Disturbing Commercial

When I saw the "adorable" little girl in the video that I posted in my former entry, I immediately remembered this video you are about to watch: the main character is also a little girl but this time there´s nothing adorable about her at the end, or is there?

The title of the video is "Drama Queen", a commercial presented at the Young Director Award 2010, which takes place every year in Cannes during the Cannes 'Lions' Advertising Film Festival.

Disturbing, isn´t it?

Do you need subtitles to understand the dialogue? Then you can watch the video below:

6 comentarios:

  1. wow!... that was the last thing that I expected to watch, I agree that this is completely disturbingBut.. I´m quite sure it was the main objective, I mean, when someone made a video to send to a contest and you´re forced to compete with others, you have to, at least, surprise and I think they did it

  2. Andrea, it´s nice to know you follow what I post. I love to stir all these different feelings...

  3. laura_sanjuan_18 noviembre, 2010

    oh my god, I'm shocked.
    I agree, this girl is not at all so lovely as the French one.

  4. Typical child-monster or monster-child,I mean some of them really are not only in films or ads but in real life...anyway I don´t know who I prefer the Frenh ot the english one hahaha!!!

  5. I DO prefer the French girl!
    That smile of the British girl at the end of the video makes my hair stand on end...

  6. Xoel Parga Maseda30 noviembre, 2010

    It's good. If she is so good actress when she is young, in the future we wil see in the TV.


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