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World AIDS Day 2010

1 December: World AIDS Day.
Here are some facts that will help to understand this disease:

Do you know what AIDS stands for? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

What is AIDS? It is a medical condition; a person is diagnosed with AIDS when their immune system is too weak to fight off infections.

What causes AIDS? A virus called HIV which gradually attacks immune system cells. As HIV progressively damages these cells, the body becomes more vulnerable to infections, which it will have difficulty in fighting off. It is at the point of very advanced HIV infection that a person is said to have AIDS but it can be years before HIV has damaged the immune system enough for AIDS to develop.

Since AIDS was first identified in the early 1980s, an unprecedented number of people have been affected by the global AIDS epidemic. Today, there are an estimated 33.3 million people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide.

Maybe you don´t know what to do or how to act in relation to this disease, click here and read what people with HIV would like people to do to make a difference in the world

Have a look at this video, The Girl Effect, which gives a good idea to stop the spreading of AIDS:

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  1. Today is World AIDS Day, a time for us to remember those whose lives have been claimed by this devastating disease. In addition to honoring those we have lost to HIV/AIDS, we must also take this opportunity to raise awareness of the disease to help put a stop to the AIDS pandemic.

    Over 25 million people have died from the disease since 1981, the year AIDS was first recognized, making it one of the most destructive diseases in recorded history. It killed over 2 million people in 2007 alone. Today there are an estimated 33.4 million people living with HIV worldwide and new cases continue to increase in every region of the world.

    If you are sexually active and have never been tested for HIV, you need to get tested. The Center for Disease Control recommends that every individual over the age of 13 get tested at least once. If you are leading a high-risk lifestyle that includes: an active heterosexual or homosexual sex lifestyle with more than one partner, sexual contact with a partner who has been diagnosed with HIV or other STDs or STIs, or intravenous needle sharing, you should be tested. Testing is also recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing or planning to become pregnant and believe they may have been exposed. Testing is recommended for those who are risk for HIV at 3 months, 6 months and again at 12 months. If you are experiencing symptoms and have engaged in high risk activities, you should be tested, even if you’ve tested negative in the past.

    You can save yourself time and money by ordering your HIV blood test online at This eliminates the need to go to a doctor’s office to get the lab order, which is not only easier and more cost effective, but also 100% confidential. Make responsible lifestyle and health care choices and help put an end to HIV/AIDS. In honor of World AIDS Day, do your part and GET TESTED!!

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  2. This video wants us to think about the importance of doing something for the girls of the Third World to having an opportunity to take advantage of their rights. It focuses especially on girls because there is a sexist concept by which they are discriminated and many of them have not access to education. This could be in our hands if we all help building schools for them by donating money.

    The video above is mainly about education. Moreover, I have found another one that also shows aspects such as the right to create the family you want for you. It tells us don't let spend more time without doing anything. Here it is:

    Jessica López Santiso Number:16 1ºB (BAC)

  3. Laura Rodríguez de la Sierra07 diciembre, 2010

    AIDS is a real problem nowadays. Too much people suffered from AIDS and the big trouble is that most of them don't know it. I think that all of us should be aware about the problems of this illness and I agree with the previous coment, everyone should be tested.
    After I watched the video of the girl effect, I was looking for information about that and I recommend you to visit the web page: It's really interesting and it has videos which make you think about our world.

  4. Jessica, thanks for the link to the video!

  5. Laura, I´m glad you went on searching for information. Maybe I should post one of the other videos of "The Girl Effect" since both you and Jessica find them interesting...

  6. María Rodríguez Armas11 diciembre, 2010

    I watched a video about this problem and now I know that I didn't even know what it was about. And it's a terrible thing indeed.
    The point is that people is not really worry about this problem and the information is not good enough. This makes us not to think about it.

    Moreover, people who live in poor countries can't access to education and they are less protec to AIDS.

    It would be nice on us to try to help people by giving them information or things like that.

  7. Maria, I´m glad I´m helping you to see what the world is really like even though it is not as nice as we would like it to be; anyway, knowing about something is the first step to change it, don´t you agree?


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