viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Common Mistakes in English

English will cost you!!

I have been hearing many of these tenacious, persistent, stubborn mistakes over and over again in your oral and written exams these days. Most of these mistakes are due to the interference of your native language, be it Spanish or Galician, and very often that is so because you use the "translation method" too much. Any ideas to learn the correct form? Intensive practice!!

Let´s see if this presentation made by Peter Mangiaracina helps you to correct them.

Don´t be discouraged by your mistakes, though, native speakers of English make them as well; maybe they are not the same kind of mistakes, but incorrect usage of the language all the same. "Two in distress makes sorrow less"

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  1. I find this post really interested; it will help me to improve my grammar and to correct my grammatical mistakes. Thanks for it!. Spanish people can´t criticize English vocabulary mistakes when we have accepted the word ''almóndiga'' in our dictionary; in fact, I´m waiting for ''cocretas''.

    Sorry for my grammar.

  2. Jacobo, we´ll discuss your mistakes in class. I do hope the video will help you.

  3. Carlos Robles 2ºB16 diciembre, 2010

    Finally I have found a logical explanation for "people", I used to translate it as "gente", as the article says,and until I learnt it by heart I always had that doubt.
    I always had problems with this word (and I think I'm not the only one), I can't remember how many times have I asked "people is with is or with are?", I hope since now, i wont forget it.

    Thank you for the article, it has very good advices.

  4. I think so too,this power point is really interesting, because it helps us to improve the grammar if we look at these common mistakes when we speak English or do some writing.
    Finally ,I agree With Carlos about problems with that word(people).
    Thank you for help us with mistakes.

    Eva Fernández 2ºB

  5. I´m glad you found the post useful, Eva.


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