lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

The Girl Effect

Today I have to thank three students, Jessica, Lucía and Carla, because they "inspired" me to post these videos.

Jessica and Lucía, watched the video of "The Girl Effect" and went on to find more information about this project. That´s how they found this other video which, I must admit, is easier to understand visually: the drawings and words move slowly so the message really gets through - whereas a lot of pauses and explanations were needed to help the students fully get the idea of the video we watched in class (in my former post about AIDS). Do you agree?

Regarding the second video, Carla sent me the link. You have probably seen it on TV but the subtitles are in English here. It is related to diseases, curing children... (something we also talked about when we watched the video in the last post about Violence Against Women)

As you can see, your comments and suggestions haven´t fallen on stony ground. Thank you!

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