martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Merry Christmas!

I started receivingChristmas greetings some days ago; I´m a non-believer so Christmas doesn´t mean much to me from the religious point of view but I do like the holidays that come along with the celebration so here is a wide range of different perspectives on these holidays.

Let´s start with the digital story of the Nativity, which shows to what extent IT(=Information Technology) has become a part of our lives

To continue with the perspective of IT, here´s a school choir singing about internet safety for kids to the music of a popular Christmas carol:

And yet another example of the influence of the internet in our everyday lives, the adaptation of the famous Christmas Carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" to "Twelve Things on the Internet," which the people in Humongo (a digital creative agency) are using for their season greetings. When they get to "the third day" you can read what they are saying, a good way to get acquainted with the language of the internet; since the song is very repetitive, you will easily get to learn all the expressions they use.

This is the original "The Twelve Days of Christmas," click here to read the lyrics and an explanation of what they mean.This may not be the best version if you have not heard the song before but I like music a cappella so much...

Jokes related to Christmas? Here´s one about a nephew who sends his uncle a parrot for Christmas. The narrator has a very strong American accent; the transcription of his words is "peculiar"; check how they spell  something, sweet potato, of course; watch out for typical American-English expressions for the following:  I haven´t seen him, I want to know , he should have. By the way, no animals were harmed in making this video

When we think of the Christmas spirit, we immediately think of children, presents, waking up early (to open the presents from The Three Wise Men in Spain)...  Here´s an advertisement that reflects all of these. This is what you hear as the video plays on:

Wake up, it's Christmas, come see the tree
There's presents underneath it, and I know there's some for me
Get moving Mum and Dad, wake up already please
How can you still be sleeping when it's 6am at least?
Come with me downstairs, and make it fast
I've waited weeks, I've waited months, our Christmas party's here at last
Wake up, it's Christmas

Note the grammar mistakes: the use of there's with the plural  presents and some (there are would be correct)

And now a couple of songs to wish you all the best for 2011:

And here are some webpages with lots of activities related to Christmas to keep you busy during the holidays:
  • elf yourself to wish your friends a Merry Christmas: you upload a picture and manipulate it into the face of an elf which can dance to different kinds of music
  • lots of Christmas games
  • games and resources about Christmas: you can write a letter to Santa, play an elf game, learn how to prepare some seasonal treats in the kitchen....

Happy New Year 2011.

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  1. Merry Christmas for you too, y que además ¡te toque la lotería!

  2. laura_sanjuan_22 diciembre, 2010

    I like your videos!
    I would like to share a christmas song that a I really love
    Happy new year!

  3. I´m glad you like them, Laura. Thanks for the song!
    By the way, we missed you in class yesterday...

  4. Thank you, Erelea! As for the lottery, next year, maybe...


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