jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

Last Entry for Christmas 2010

Here´s my last post for Christmas 2010.
This is a video from the Spanair official site; this is the introduction to the video: On December 24th our flight from Barcelona to Las Palmas arrived close to midnight. 190 people were flying while everyone else celebrated Christmas Eve. Christmas is a very special moment so we decided to do something special for them, too.

I don´t know whether it really happened or not. In case it did, do you think it was a nice idea or just marketing, a publicity stunt?  Feel free to send your comments.

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  1. Manuel Díaz Palmeiro08 enero, 2011

    Hi pretty teacher:

    -It´s my opinion

    I really believe that it's a marketing idea to advertise the company Spanair, I also think it's a great Christmas present for passengers who could not be in Christmas with their families.
    To me, I would like someone unknown made me a present on a special day like Christmas day.


    Manuel Díaz

    Postscript: Terrible Grammar?

  2. Antía García Fernández08 enero, 2011

    I guess it's just marketing. In my opinion it's a great idea to give a little detail to that people that cannot be with their families in Christmas Eve. But, then, the people that didn't check in any bag, they don't have a present but they have paid the same as the others who did. So in one way or another, its a little bir unfair.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Manuel; as for its grammar, not so bad. Anyway, check your email for the corrections.

  4. Antía, thanks for your comment! Good point of view!

  5. Andrea Dorado12 enero, 2011

    That´s cool!!Well.. I don´t know if it´s real or not, I would bet it
    is because it seems to be unexpected, but.. you know, maybe they are
    just good actors. Apart from the emotional end I focused my attention
    on the beginning, I have this habit or... obsession, I usually imagine
    all the different stories and lifestyles of the people around me, for
    example ... at the airport or... in the dentist´s waiting room. I
    think it´s a good idea to make the time go faster..

  6. Andrea, I do the same! I love to imagine the lives of people around me, especially at airports. I guess that´s why people like us are never bored. Aren´t we lucky?

  7. Laura Rodríguez de la Sierra17 enero, 2011

    I don't know if it is true or not, but, if it is real, I believe that is a beautiful idea.
    As Manuel said before, I would like to receive a present from someone I don't know and specially on December 24th.
    I like Andrea's comment, I do it only in special cases but, I'm going to do it more since now.

  8. Laura, so one more "voyeur" in the group...

  9. Ana Rodríguez17 enero, 2011

    From my point of view it is a very good surprise for all the passengers, because none of them could have imagined that and, even if receiving a present is always a time to enjoy, it is much more funny if you did not expect it.

  10. Laura García 2ºD12 febrero, 2011

    I don't know if it is true, but I hope so.
    I think this is a beautiful idea.
    We never know...Christmas is a magic time!! :)


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