jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

The Situation in Egypt

Do you understand the current situation in Egypt? If you don´t, here´s a very easy explanation by this cute little girl called Nina; this is the way how her father describes the video, `Nina, after seeing a picture of demonstrations in Egypt in the newspaper, discusses the situation with mama in Japanese, and then later describes the situation to me in English.´

Nina can describe the situation in Egypt, can you explain this cartoon?

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6 comentarios:

  1. I think that this cartoon is a smart way to explain the US policy in Egypt (actually, I would say that it´s just an example of its policy in general..)
    All these years of dictatorship have been allowed by the United States (even, feeding it with money), what is more, they had so many interests there that it wasn´t 'a good idea' to mention it too aloud.
    Obama has claimed a radical change in his first speeches. However, his words calm down as the uprising went on. Self-interests(you just have to see CIA´s behaviour) and `common sense´ get together and they have tried to find a middle point no to get too many enemies from each side.

  2. I´ve just seen a woman crying of happiness a few minutes ago...
    Mubarak has resigned!! (I would say he has been beaten.. but..)I think it´s an encouraging step for many people ( and an alarm clock in our minds). I can´t imagine what it´s gonnna happen next.. (policy, power, religion´s issues..)but it will probably be a long and controversial process, right??. We will have to wait how all this whole thing works .

  3. Delia Lucía Martínez Lorenzo12 febrero, 2011

    I think, both Nina and the picture, shows how messy the situation in Egypt was. I'm so happy everything has finished and now the "Poor mad people" may have the chance to change the country for well.

  4. Andrea and Delia, it´s nice to see how well informed you are about current issues. Thanks for your comments!

  5. Jorge Pereira Diaz14 febrero, 2011

    It is very sad that in the world happen things like these. The worse thing of everything is that all these wars do not have end and it is never obtained at all

  6. Jorge, I don´t really see your point. I think it is great that things like this revolt in Egypt happen: a great sense of unity of the people to achieve a political goal in a peaceful way -that´s the way I see it.


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