viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

EFL (= English as a Foreign Language) Resource

What is VOXY? It is not an English course but it is a way to improve your English.

This is how it works: You have to subscribe to it and each day you receive a new lesson via email or SMS.

In each lesson you get a very short text with a piece of news about current issues: politics, business, gossip, sports.... You can listen to it because the audio is included and, since it is meant for students, they read slowly so it is very easy to follow. Some words are highlighted, which means you can find their translation on the same page and you can click on them and listen to their pronunciation as many times as you need. There is usually a comprehension question (multiple choice) about the text.

You can get access to the page in either English or Spanish. I recommend the English version, of course, but it is certainly useful to click on the Spanish one when you need the translation of words because it is faster than  looking up words in a dictionary.

I think it is an excellent method to accelerate learning and keep you up-to-date. Let me know your impressions if you try it.

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