viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Father´s Day 2011

Let´s make use of the celebration of father´s day to start the weekend with a smile.

Wondering how to celebrate father´s day tomorrow? Here´s an idea for a present (something inside tells me you wouldn´t agree to it...)

Fathers may look somewhat stupid and easy to fool but they can make themselves understood when they want to:

The problem is they do have feelings and can be easily hurt -even though you may not notice it:

Do not mock them if they are getting bald, overweight... , specially if you are a boy, remember the saying "Like father, like son." If you have ever heard "you are the spitting image of your father," watch out, that means it will probably be so in the future as well -which means, what you see is what you´ll get.

And, finally, a song to go with the spirit of the day, "Father and Son" by singer-songwriter Cat Stevens: it is a conversation between a father and a son; the lyrics on the video are in different colours so as to differentiate the speaker.

Have a nice father´s day and a nice weekend!

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